• Build a Node

    Base Configuration - Raspberry Pi Model 4B 2GB - Pimoroni Fan Shim - 32GB SD Card - 1TB Hard Drive - 3.5" LCD - Lightning Shell by Cryptocloaks Upgrades - Raspberry Pi Model 4B 4GB - 1TB SSD Choose to have either Raspiblitz or BTCPayServer pre-installed and synced.
  • BTCPayServer Hosted. Accept Bitcoin Payments using online POS or Woocommerce Store. Lightning Network Included.   $300.00 for 1 year.
  • Lightning in a Box Bitcoin and Lightning node with BTCPayServer pre-installed and configured. Intel Celeron J4105 - 4 Core 1.5 Ghz 1TB SSD 4 GB RAM BTCPayServer - Pre-installed and synced.
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